Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008

So I finished my quarterly report and sending it off tomorrow. I had Nala tested in March using a CAT 5 test. I wanted to get an idea how she's doing. I felt like I wasn't doing enough however she tested 96% and on a grade level 3.6, her math was low, she did not finish the section....looking back I already knew this: I knew she was having a problems with math but we've been working on it daily. I knew she was well beyond first grade reading level because of the books she reads on her own. Nala has definitely improved with math. We have moved on to double digit addition and subtraction and she's doing well.

I've been working with Nina on reading and writing letters and numbers.

I just recently began working with Natasha on counting and colors.

Even though we don't do social studies, history, and geograpy in a structured way like I hear others do we read alot and that's where most of history comes from. Every now and then I may find a lesson on science and incorporate it into a history lesson or geography. I keep comparing myself to other parents and comparing my kids t0 other kids thinking we have to be similar to someone else but it's really what works for our family. My kids are great and doing really well in this homeschooling environment and I think I'm doing a good job teaching my kids.