Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sometimes I really think I'm crazy

I felt crazy yesterday. Crazy for taking 2 kids out of public school, who liked their teacher, their class, and school in general. They watch spanish videos in the morning after breakfast, run around the house fighting, yelling, playing, and whatever else they can do without hurting one another, Computer games for a bit, lunch, quiet time of reading, workbooks, drawing, nap (yeah well I try), and TV all evening. My oldest Nala, 9 years old, does more book work. She chose to stay in GCA and finish out the year but she has a lot of work to catch up on. She asked me why we don't do anything fun like the stuff they did in school. The mindless activities that I thought were not important, anything having to do with candy and contests, . I thought about what she said and tried to figure out a way to be creative at home with the limited resources. I have a few trips set up, once a week at least so far. I will implement Edible Art days and Awards for them since I see they liked that aspect of school.

Today was a good day, I thought. No book work, a play in the morning at the Aurora Theatre. Gary Grinkle's Battles with Wrinkles and Other Troubles in Mudgeville was a very cute play which 2 of my girls liked. Nina, Ms Everything is Boring, didn't like it she says...even though I saw her crack a smile a number of times.

I did get a Science Experiment book. It was recommended by a good friend of mine from NY who homeschools her 6 yr old and 3 yr old.

I hope I feel normal tomorrow.