Thursday, December 6, 2007

What I'm learning about Nala and Math....

She doesn't like Math but she seems to do better when it's in a game form, anything other than worksheets/book form. We haven't done math worksheets since our 3rd week and we're in 6th week now.

We have played Scrabble, Candyland, some games from Family math, store, where she has counted through keeping score or something like that. She did well for the most part however she has her moments where I believe she's being difficult due to boredom or maybe ready to go to bed. She will call out the wrong answer on something I deem easy and totally make me feel like I'm failing as her parent and teacher. I try not to push her but I want to make sure she either really knows the answer or really doesn't know the answer so I know what to do. I'm ready to move on to some other sort of math and I think she is too.

I just need to know that I'm doing my job and helping her with her weaknessess.

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