Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trips and other things

Fri November 30 I met up with the group that I met with at the Native American Museum. It was so nice. Nala and I did a presentation on our culture and brought homemade cranberry sauce. There were alot of vegan, vegetarian and desserts. It was a really nice group of women and I'm looking forward to seeing them later this month. Nala enjoyed seeing other homeschoolers like herself and that's what I loved.

Saturday December 1, I took the girls to the Scandanavia House in Manhattan. I was really excited about going for some reason. It was nice but the lunch was not kid friendly and expensive although the soup did seem like real Scandanavian soup (real chicken breast, quinoa, some sea vegetables and pretty bland) The kids got to play in this beautiful room painted with caves, volcanos and Iceland. The had a ball dressing up and in another room it was a big play room, blocks, books and a train set. We spent 2 hrs there just playing, talking with other parents and caregivers. I bought a couple of beautiful traditional Scandanavian ornaments (anywhere I go it has to be traditional and true from the place I visit). The express bus was and comfortable.

Tues December 4 we met up with some families from a group I belong to at the Hall of Science. I loved meeting new homeschoolers as well as show Nala that homeschoolers are all over the place and no need for her to feel different. It was extremly crowded at the Hall of Science which was new to me and I was disappointed. Before becoming members we would go on Fridays from 2-5 for free hrs and it was empty. I'm still ok with spending the money on the membership. We can get into some other free places throughout the city, long island and nj so it was a good investment.

I registered the family at the YMCA. Now Nala can take swimming classes and I can work out.

Other good news is I was on the waiting list for a class and was called to participate: Nala will be doing a really cool hands on science class monthly along with learning the recorder. Although we started and do it from time to time, its not regular when we started off.

I think we're done planning winter activities. I have a couple of trips planned for January but between swimming and science and music she'll be plenty busy.

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