Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally we get out...

I wanted to make it out somewhere before the snow came on Wednesday. So we didn't get to Rockefeller Center for iceskating. I was really disappointed for that but we'll do it one of these days We went to Queens World Ice at Flushing Meadow Park for Ice Skating and we had a ball. I haven't been ice skating since I was about 7 or so. My girls were scared they wouldn't know how to skate but I reassured them that they would be really good at it. They can roller skate and are generally active kids so i had no doubts they would be skating all over by themselves. It took them a little bit to get warmed up but once they did no one wanted to hold hands or the sides anymore. I wish I got better pictures. We weren't allowed to take pictures, so the ones I got were all of them hanging out on the sides...and then later we were having so much skating forgot to try again. We went with a friend of mine and her two girls. Despite all the screaming teeny boppers hanging out, I didn't hear any foul language and the music was clean yet popular. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I was happy I could get them out for some fun. Later we went to visit a the old neighborhood...just for a little. It was late so we didn't spend too much time but I wanted to see them just in case the snow kept us in the rest of our stay here.

I borrowed my friend's
Moby wrap thinking, oh I can use this
when I take the kids ice skating but
thankfully hubby didn't have to work and
he stayed with Lil Man.

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