Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I was never worried about socialization. We are very active with our girls. We go out pretty much everyday but we go "out out" pretty much every weekend. Like I said before, October was an extremely busy month for us so we had alot to do.

But since we've been homeschooling it's like I'm totally lost with what to do. I also think it has to do with the fact that before we went out just to go out and have a good time but now I feel like it's even more important because she's not around kids are age much anymore. I thought the more she was around homeschooled boys and girls her age, the more comfortable she would be with it. (Today she told my mother that she is being homeschooled, so maybe that's a step)

So I am giving myself a goal of 2 outings per week. Outings like to the city or something. I really want to expose her to stuff she wouldn't normally do in school. Eventually I will meet some homeschoolers. I just have to get out of my "comfort zone". I also thought about going to the library during the day. I did but I only got a bunch of stares and even one woman who asked, why isn't she in school. I told her "She's homeschooled" and for a split second felt wierd saying it when she said ok but looking lost.

Although I sorta feel "lost" in a sense. My friend who homeschools, although we can talk, it seems too forced...our kids are different ages but our conversations with homeschooling don't come as naturally as I would like them. I would just love to have someone close by who homeschools so I can talk to, maybe someone with a little girl Nala's age.

I will meet someone!...soon i hope

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