Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just Relaxing....

That's how I felt today was. Just hanging out. Not doing much but still providing cool experiences for learning and growth. I worked last night and I was just so tired so I laid down which was supposed to be for an hour and next thing hours had past, I wasn't necessarily sleeping because before I knew it the kds were in the room with me watching a dvd. (BTW I will add that tv has been pretty much banned throughout the day for Nala. She can watch dvds later in the evening and only 1 movie or an hour of tv shows, on disney per day) Weekends I try to keep them busy so that we're out of the house most of the day or just playing in the house. The younger ones get to watch Dora/Diego/ or other Noggin show on Indemand. But we have definitely decreased tv time around here and I am proud of that.

We didn't do any formal worksheets today and at first I was like, uh huh we have to do something. But I thought we had done "something" everyday since she's been home sick so if she just wants to take it easy today, then fine. I need a rest too. Besides we had a trip planned to the firehouse later.

The trip was great. The fireman were so helpful answering questions and letting the kids get in the truck. I've always had a respect for firefighters but it was nice to see that they really were just regular down to earth people living in our communities. The kids had a blast and we learned alot.

While we sat eating dinner, I printed out a sheet that was like a progress report and I wanted to see what topics I went offer so I would say ok count by 2's, what's the value of a dime....and she knew alot so I would check it off...put a date in. I know the teacher did do alot with her but I have always been there from day one, helping to reinforce what was discussed in class by providing extra problems. I see Nala does need more help with addition but mostly understanding subtraction is kind of hard for her. I showed her the number line again to help show her what is happening when someone says subtract or take away. I have a book Family Math which uses manipulatives found in the house and we'll make a day of math and games sometime this week.

Last night I looked up all the museums in Queens and I printed out a calendar and just filled in days that we can do things: Queens Museum of Art, Museum of Moving Image, King Manor, Queens Zoo...just a ton of stuff. Mostly free or really cheap...and I was given the website go city and there are more cheap/free things to do with the kids.....most of it is in Manhattan and Brooklyn and public transportation is probably better.

Nina practices her reading for about 5 -10 min per night from a Hooked on Phonics books that Nala learned from. In a week she has definitely improved. I think she's reading to move on from words ending in AT to words ending in AN.
Tomorrow I'm planning to go out to the Hall of Science with a friend. I'm excited cause I love the Hall of Science and so do the kids.

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