Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 23, 2007

Today was strange. Nala started off doing writing and wanted to read a book she picked out from the library. The Box Car Children. The book looked a little advanced, the chapters were longer several words that were too big for her but I thought she could still read it and get the idea. She started reading and was just not happy with it. I kept telling her you don't have to read it but she kept saying wanted to but would mumble through everything. I finally just got up and left saying when you're ready let me know. She was just difficult and we were both what I don't know.

I don't force her to do anything. I think our style is a bit structured at times because Nala seems to like that it's like school (sitting at the table) and I do enjoy actually "seeing" what she's learning, through a lesson, plan etc. We are also eclectic because it's not always the same everyday, I allow her to choose what she wants to do, and I'm up for playing games all day or just going on a trip and hanging out. Sometimes I'll suggest something and if she's like no I say ok what about this.

Hubby let her get on the computer and they've been going to Nick Jr to play games and sing songs there. About a 1/2 hr later I asked if she wanted to read some more and she said no. I said what about a science project and she agreed. So off we went to the park to do a nature walk and look at a wild field. This study of non living and living things was probably meant to do in the spring or something but it is fall and very cold and we didn't see anything moving around except the ducks. When we came back in she wrote in her nature journal.

I found a cool website that has sample lesson for gifted children and we did cardinal locations which went along with our map study we've been doing. Nala was very interested and I was so excited about that. I found a game a while back where you pick a card and follow the directions "move north 2 spaces", "move west 1 space". Nala did excellent and she knew each direction.
There's still a 2nd part to the lesson and we'll do that in the next couple of days.

I also see I'm getting more relaxed. I would say Ok lets do some math and she's like I don't like subtraction and I would say ok we'll only do 10 minutes of it and she would say ok. I see that I could get a better reaction if we do it informally--in the car, cooking etc.

Example: Today on the way back from our nature walk I point out that the leaves left a print on the sidewalk from the rain..she starts counting, all the way up to 130. She got stuck on how to say 110 so I helped her and she was able to count the rest of the way herself. Another time we were in the car eating cookies..and I said there were 10 cookies, i have 2 to you and 2 to Nina, how many were left. She said the correct answer.

Today out of no where she says Look 4 quarters equal a dollar and 2 quarters equal 50 cent. I was so pleased cause I told her that informally and she remembered!

We also learned about Ancient Mesopotamia and with the arts and crafts she really seemed interested. That's a great little book I found, I'm glad it's working.

Today was a good day.

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