Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 5, 2008

It's been sometime since I posted. I feel like we've done so little lately. Maybe due to the holidays, I don't know. We're learning spider facts so Nala will be able create a special page in her lap book just for spider facts. One learning technique I've been trying is having her jump rope and remember spider facts to a beat. So I'll say "
What do you call a baby spider" in a beat while she jumps and she answers "Spiderlings, spiderlings". Even Nina, my 4 yr old has been remembering facts so it's been great.

Spelling is going well. I will definitely stick with what has been working for us. Nala has been learning how to spell 5 words a week. She alphabetizes them, puts them in sentences and writes them 3 times. We'll have a spelling test which will include all the words she has learned (at least once a week and always before adding new words. ) We've gotten through a good portion of the 2nd grade spelling list. We're also working on grammar and handwriting. She has some bad habits that I'm trying to break her out of...for instance writing capitals (they are not nouns) in the middle of sentences . I have a grammar book where she corrects the punctuation and she really enjoys that but I find that I have to look at the answers to check because I don't always know what's correct.

We've been lacking with Science but I hope to begin some lessons on the human body this week.

Math is so so. Nala seems to be just starting to understand the whole concept of one up and one down. There's not as much hesitation as there used to be when I ask her the sum or difference. Still trouble with basic 2+3 and even more with subtraction but she knows 2+2 and 3+3 and other doubles so I'm guessing it's about consistancy and repetiveness. Nala understands measurements, fractions and we're actively working on roman numerals.

Our schedule is full: Swimming just started once a week, recorder lessons once a week, Mad science/music lessons once a month, Country and State study once a month and recently I was able to arrange with a member of a homeschooling group some free spanish lessons twice a week with her kids.

This year I hope to add a little more history and science as well as some more math. I want her to catch on with this math and feel more comfortable with it. It would be great to being integrating my 2 yr old (she'll be 3 in a couple of weeks) in on things, she may be ready because now she is more of a disturbance.

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