Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mad Science/Recorder lessons

I was so happy that I got in on the Mad Science/music class. I was originally on the waiting list but actually got in. We went Monday and Nala had a great time. She learned about what chemistry is and did a couple of projects. It's a monthly class for the next six months.

After that, a music teacher came in to teach the kids how to play the recorder. We've been practicing on our own here and there and I signed Nala up for a class at the Y but we have yet to make it!

The teacher was ok, a little off beat in my opinion but was really able to get the kids involved. Nala was very attentive and very interested. She wants to take piano. We have a keyboard that would work for her to practice on. I played the piano when I was in college and the professor suggested I get one with similar spacing of a piano so it wouldn't throw me off when I practiced with the two. There's someone in one of our homeschooling group that offers great prices so March is when we're thinking about starting because her classes at the Y would be over. She said she wants to continue swimming so we'll see if we can make it work schedule wise as well as financially.


Kysha said...

My children are looking forward to lessons this year also. My Mom bought them instruments for Christmas. Now I guess I'm obligated to get the lessons. Ha! Why couldn't she just have purchased recorders. LOL!

Sha Bish said...

Recorders are so simple and really had a beautiful sound. I love music and I'm just so pleased that Nala is interested in playing some instrument. Next is piano!