Saturday, January 26, 2008


The Sweet Honey in the Rock concert was really good. It was my first time seeing them live. I wish we had closer seats, I wish it lasted longer than an hour but I'm just so happy I got the see them. The kids got bored a little, I think because they were so far away but you could see they were interested every now and then. They sung along and clapped. It was a great experience. Sweet Honey's new album Experience 101 is for the kids with lots of soulful rhythms and history, definitely something we can use in our daily learning.

Thursday I met up with a new friend, someone I met in a homeschooling group. I brought over my 3 girls with her 2 boys and did "school". My friend has a different style than me, much more like traditional school. It wasn't bad, just different. She speaks Spanish and did songs, days of the week, colors all in Spanish with the kids. I really enjoyed that part and realized that although I don't speak Spanish fluently I know the basics and I can do the same thing with Nala because she is very interested in learning to speak Spanish. Originally I had something set up with another Spanish speaking mom to get together a couple times of week to have informal spanish lessons with her children however she was sick this week. We'll see if I make it out to see her.

Nala shared here Charlotte's Web lapbook that we've been creating while learning about spiders and pigs. She really does know alot about spiders and I know that came from her interest as well as taking alot of time reading and learning about spider body parts, pig body parts and some other facts.

Friday we finally made the recorder lessons at the Y. Nala really enjoyed it however she really needs to practice more because what I see happening is her not reading the music. I saw her writing the notes in with a pencil and I encouraged her to learn to read the music. I told her it will get easier once she practices every day but by writing the notes in is not a good idea because she won't learn how to read it. She listened and seemed to understand. I'll have to make more of an effort to remind her about practicing.

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