Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday January 29, 2008

Monday was our Foreign Lands Club meeting. Nala decided she wanted to present games that children play in Germany. I was so proud of her, she presented it pretty much all by herself, with an introduction and description of how to play the games. They were actually really fun games, maybe we'll play them sometime.

At this class was the first time in 3 months that Nala really started talking to someone there. She asked to sit next to her and then I saw them talking after lunch. We were also able to stay to hang out and play outside which I'm sure helped. Nina was with us today and her and Nala talked and played with a couple of girls their age. I was really happy because it really seemed difficult getting to know people here but I realize it just takes time.

Today I tried an unschooling approach. Nala helped me clean the house. She enjoys cleaning the wall mirror (I never enjoyed that as a kid) and she liked cleaning the dust off of my walls as well as the windows. Both her and Natasha vaccumed as well. Nala helped out a little with cleaning the playroom and decided she wanted to write after coming across a story she wrote in school. She asked me to print out some lined paper with a box at the top so she could write a story. She sat down at the table in the playroom and wrote a story, asking me to spell words for her her once a while, I did as I finished up throwing out junk in the playroom. After lunch she watched tv while skating around the basement. She's been practicing skating backwards and doing really well. She asked me what am and pm meant and I besides just am for morning and pm for afternoon/night I really didn't know much more. So we looked it up on wikipedia and we talked about the definitions. (FYI: am, ante meridiem is latin for before noon and pm, post meridiem is latin for after noon. I didn't know that. cool. another plus for homeschooling. Even I learn things too.) After Nina came home from preschool, they skated some more, colored and drew while watching tv and we played monopoly jr before bed. (which is a really great game. It's fun and the kids get money they can count. Even Nina counts with the game. Natasha just grabs the dice and tries to throw it across the room)

I really didn't make a big deal about the tv and I will try to relax more with it and see what happens. I've been talking to others and reading blogs all weekend and everyone is saying tv will hit the back burner as the kids see that I'm not keeping it from them. In addition, I'm hoping they will find more interesting things around the house. Besides I have no problem with the actual programming. I love the Disney Channel. I even read to them, Nala asked to read and I almost let her but I realized I missed reading to them. Nala likes to read to everyone and I've been letting her but I decided we can all read books to each other.

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