Friday, November 9, 2007

Playing Catch up

Wow almost a week since I've written. We've been to the library twice this week. Nala has been reading for a 1/2 an hr in exchange she is getting a dollar off her library fines. Although it's mostly fun reading for her, easy, it's still a chance to learn some new words and do something she really enjoys. I didn't even have to force her and when we went back the 2nd time she was so excited to do it. Gotta love that!

I'm still waiting for my books I ordered from Classical Eduation, the History and Science books. I've been looking for books that I need to complete the book list for the History portion but I can't find them. I alread bought one from Amazon. I'm so disappointed. I may just send the History book back because it's basically just a lesson plan book and doesn't make any sense in keeping it if I can't find the books to go with it, On a positive note I ordered these history pocket for the ancient world was which to support the History Lesson book. I can keep the pockets because there's a fact sheet and activities/coloring to do. I can find my own additional resources to compliment it. So basically I'll be making up my own History curriculum.

We tried the Singapore Math and I think it's a great book. It seemed to be really good with teaching grouping and I think Nala really understood it. I'm eager to get to the addition and subtration section as this is an area I beleive she is struggling with.

We have been doing coins again for the 2nd day in a row. She knows the values, she knows how to count by 5s and 10s and 2s but she's having trouble going from 10, 20, 20 to a nickel then back to a dime again. She doesn't even have to know that as a first graders, so maybe this is a skill she is just not quite ready for and we'll revisit it later in her first grade year. I found myself getting frustrated so I let it go. I think this is the best approach.

I think I will focus on the basics, what she's supposed to know, I'll try going a little further and if she doesn't get it then fine move on and re visit it later, just as long as she knows and understands the basics that's all that I really want.

We have a full schedule this month. I'm excited about all the places I have scheduled for us to visit. Nala is excited too. She started double dutch on Wednesday and she did so great. She really loves it and the kids that were there were so helpful and just plain nice. I hope she makes friends. I'm even more excited about the homeschooling group I'm going to join. I've been speaking with the President and she is just a wealth of knowledge, helpful and always answers
any questions I have. They only meet once a month, there are trips about 2x a month but there are just so many people to meet. If I can just meet 2 families who have kids similar in ages to mine, it would be so great to meet weekly. I am just really driven on Nala meeting other homeschooled girls and boys. I want her to fully enjoy this experience as much as I am.

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