Friday, November 9, 2007

Reading Levels

I was concerned about trying to find the right reading level for Nala. When we were at the library I picked out some books I thought would be perfect for her. While on the bus she sped through all of them. I asked her what each one was about and she told me. Wow, so they're way too easy for her.

I went to the library later that day on my own and looked around. I found a book part of a series called Miami Jackson plays it straight by Patricia McKissack. It seemed to be a 2nd grade level intro to chapters. I showed it to Nala and she immediatly said it's too hard. It did look different than the books she was used to. The words were smaller and it was more pages. The next morning we sat down and started to read. She did fine. Sure there were a few words she didn't know. Some she sounded out, some she couldn't, I wrote it down, helped her pronounce it and gave her the definition. I wrote questions down as she read. She read about 4 pages and then I asked her about 5-6 questions about it. She answered all of them right but one. She understands it! I was happy that I finally pinpointed her level. So now we have a reading book and I'll write down questions from the books we read and she can answer them.

I mentioned this to my new friend, founder of the homeschooling group I will be joining, and she said I was doing the right thing. She also encouraged me to read while she listens as this is another skill that she needs to learn.

I'm glad I'm on the right track to helping Nala become an excellent reader.

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